EK BDay (28)

LED Strip Lights

We got 15 feet of this flexible, waterproof LED light.  Now most people would mount it and be happy, but Erik really wanted to spend a little extra effort and time to make our boat awesome. There are places on the strip lights where you can cut the strip, thus making customized lengths.  Now in order to do this Erik has to solder 5 individual tiny wires back on to the strip in their proper places.  We will also be running all this wire behind our shelving back to the touchscreen LED controller. With a touch of a finger we can control the different settings.  This will be really neat at night, we can use just the red and preserve our night vision.  My favorite color is the blue/teal/purple as usual.


We got the dinghy about a month ago, but still don’t have an outboard for her yet. We’ve been debating back and forth, reading everyones opinions, but we just wanted facts…. Will a 6 horsepower outboard get Erik and I on plane or will we need more get up n go? Well Erik reached out to our sailing community at the Concord Yacht Club and an Eric replied saying he had a 6hp we could test!  It was so generous of him, and the 6hp did indeed get us on plane.  This is great news since the 6hp weighs considerably less than a 9.9hp and we will be moving it by ourselves.  Now we are in the market for a 6hp outboard!


All we need to do to finish this up is put velcro on our other 2 panels.  Erik also needs to modify the wiring.  The factory wires on the panels are so short they can’t all connect, so he will be working his wizardy to make it right with the world and all the wires align. We are also waiting on a cowl vent so that we can then run the wires into the boat instead of through the cockpit and down inside the boat.

It is Eriks birthday today, he turns 28! I made meatloaf, corn casserole, smashed potatoes, broccoli, and ooey gooey toffee cake! We are going to try to get supplies needed to make our own ceramic heater, and don’t worry we have a carbon monoxide detector.  That way we can actually do a little more work before we start turning into icicles! Check out the vlog for a little bit more!

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  1. Bill says:

    Happy Birthday Erik!!! Nice looking dingy and glad to hear that 6hp is good. Smart to check it out! love Dad

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