Where Am I Now?

Well… where am I now? I am living in the small town of Sweetwater TN.  It is itty bitty, located in East TN, close proximity to the mountains (really close to the Cherokee Nat’l Forest) which I LOVE about it.  I moved here in September to live with my wonderful boyfriend Erik.  I had previously been living in Knoxville (which I do miss dearly) but was basically homeless bunking at my friends place “temporarily”, thank goodness for her for taking me in when I needed her the most.  But through a chain of events I met and fell in love with the most amazing man I never knew existed.  It’s been approximately one year since our first date 🙂 it still makes me happy to think about our first kiss and the nervous jitters that accompanied it.  When we got to talking, it made sense to make the move.  He actually has a really great job close by, and the rent for his one bedroom (but not really, since there’s not even a door to the bedroom) was half of what I was paying in Knoxville.  I didn’t have a great job and it sure wasn’t paying alot.  I figured it would be an easy transition to getting another job, so I packed my things and left.

And since I’ve met Erik, he has told me about his dream: to go sailing.  As soon as I met him I knew that was something I would absolutely love to do.  I’ve always known I was destined to travel, I just didn’t realize it was something I could accomplish at such a young age. But when he broke it down, and when I think about what my main expenses are on land, I started to realize maybe this was something we really could actually do.  So for the past year I have saved everything I possibly can to try to get ready for this adventure! Like I mentioned earlier, this has been a dream of Erik’s for a while so he is a little more prepared than me.  He bought a 22ft sailboat a few years ago and has been practicing on it and also fixing it up.  This summer/fall I was able to get on a sailboat for the first time in my life, and learn what is involved in sailing.  It isn’t too difficult, something that kind of comes naturally.  The hardest part is the shifting winds we get on the man-made lakes in the mountains.  I really enjoy it alot, and cant wait until the weather warms up and Eriks knee is better to get back on the boat.

We have found our boat! After doing a bit of perusing on the Louisiana/Mississippi coast, continually browsing yachtworld.com, and checking Craigslists in every coastal town the boat we found us actually here in Knoxville! That was one of the main perks. Through a series of fortunate events we filled out the paperwork and are eager to start fixing her up.

So yep! It’s brand new news to us and I couldn’t be more excited.






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