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Taste the Whisky

The battery box is amazing! Not only is it sound construction with each drill hole epoxied to prevent water intrusion and rot, it is aesthetically pleasing as well!  It is a sound, sturdy compartment for our batteries.  It’s still not 100% complete (when is it ever?) as we need to...


The most painful and prolonged project

  Well that took a lot longer than expected! When I last posted over 3 weeks ago, I was hoping that the boat would be finished that weekend.  But if I’ve learned anything about boat work, it is that it’s never really finished.  I’ll try to recap the last whirlwind...


Brightening the Brightwork

  Well we’ve been spending a good amount of time on ol’ Gnar Girl now that the weather is finally warming up.  It has been just lovely.  It usually plays out that we spend time on the boat doing a project that has been researched thoroughly (Erik’s so good at...