Author: cgrabens

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Enjoying Pensacola, Difficult to Leave

We made it to Pensacola! It was a easy trip from Pirates Cove, just down the intercostal waterway.  We tried to sail once we got to the bay but our starboard jib sheet didn’t cooperate and frayed in the winch.  We got it under control without much difficulty and rolled...

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Dauphin Island 

Hey guys! I wanted to let everyone know we have started working on some of our gear reviews! I have also added a section for recipes so you can get an idea of what we are eating out here, and to also inspire you to cook more  at home to...

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Made it to Mobile Bay

We made it! The night before heading into the bay we tucked into a side bayou for a cozy night.  As we were pulling out in the morning, a barge was heading up stream at the same exact time we were heading out and it looked like it was coming...