Some days I feel so disconnected from the dream we are working towards.  Weather is such a huge influence on my mood, and when its dark cold dreary outside I tend to feel the same on the inside.  We had some extremely productive weeks, and then theres a week like we’ve been having recently thats filled with procrastination.  That’s definitely one of my biggest flaws is that I put everything I need to do off until later.  If I would just go ahead and invest some action where theres usually only thought and anxiety my life would be much more at ease. But I just pool up all my thoughts, doubts, worries, and concerns then swim in my mind puddle for longer than I care to admit.  Anyways hopefully by writing this down will help me move past this hump and we can continue forward progress! It can’t be all rainbows and sunshine all the time (especially when its snowing out!). I do have a lot of projects around the house I could possibly work on too….

Sewing – I want to sew some pillowcases and zippered pouches for storage. I also want to sew a bag holder dispenser thing, something we can put our plastic walmart bags in and get one out with ease.

Packing – I can start making piles of things definitely coming on the boat, things i don’t want on the boat but will need after we are done with the boat and so will probably store half of these things at my dads and half at my moms, things to donate, things to put on eBay, things to throw away.   GAH thats a lot of piles! So yea I’ll have 7 piles going on…

Exercise – Just a quick 15-30 min workout will suffice.

Chores – I need to do the dishes and the laundry and sweep the floors.  This is not anything paticulary new to today, its stuff that always needs to be done and never ends.  But sometimes I pretend like if I ignore the situation it will go away so theres a pile of clothes and a pile of dishes.  And for me to be productive at my other tasks I really need a clean area to function.  So i guess Ill start on this before I do any of the above mentioned.  And now I am beginning to see why I don’t ever get around to the other stuff… Well at least I gained some clarity from this post.  Ok off I go to do something, wish me luck.  Hopefully I will find my motivation!

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  1. Bill says:

    Hi CJ we got about 9 inches of snow everything shut down, DO YOUR DISHES! Love DAD

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